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These search engines basically determine when and where the image has appeared online.Some popular ones include: Google Image Search, Tineye, or Rev Img.It differs from Google, which searches and indexes the web, in two important ways: (1) it searches only Facebook and (2) it respects privacy settings.Privacy settings on the user's Facebook account determine what images appear in search results.There are numerous options to search for pictures on Facebook, though, of course, user privacy settings definitely impact results.It's easiest to find images associated with people you are friends with on the site, though one or more of these techniques may help you find images associated with other individuals.

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*BLOND GOES TO THE DOCTOR TO FIND OUT IF SHE IS PREGNANT* Doctor: your pregnant Blond: *smiles* 🙂 Doctor: your having twins Blond: *crys* Doctor: is’ant that good? This does take some time, so you may only want to do it with images you definitely want protected.Note: A key limitation of these methods is the ability to fine-tune your results, especially if someone has a common surname.Even though this feels like it should be easy, this is actually one of the trickier ones to find.This is because the settings on the album and photos are controlled by the person doing the posting.

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