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Go Girls is a New Zealand comedy-drama television series that was the subject of a US adaptation, whose first four seasons centered on four adult friends, three female and one male, living on Auckland's North Shore.

The first episode screened in Australia on 8 August 2009.

The bar frequented by the characters, 'The Taka', is a completely fictitious premises and was constructed within a studio.

An enlarged photograph of the Hauraki Gulf, with volcano Rangitoto Island in the background, is used as the backdrop outside of the windows of the bar, this can be noticed in some scenes filmed on the bar's decking area.

He ended up marrying Amanda in the last episode of season 3, but leaves her a year later after he realizes that they weren't compatible. Now in season 5, after realising she has alienated everyone she makes a quest to be a nicer person.

Gets nearly beaten to death by Amanda's dad and brothers and ends up in the hospital. Friend of Olivia, whom he met when they attended university.

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