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No introduction is needed to explain how outstanding the "Golden Gaby" bloodlines are considered by M & D. Over 400 winners have been reported in the time he was breeding at Myrtle Lofts Sire: “Bob De Batt” SUPER BREEDER, father to several winners including “Shadow’s Image” 1st BICC National Tours 4,171 birds.“Bob De Batt” was the last direct son from “Champion Shadow” when paired to his own granddaughter “Golden Black”Sire: “Black National” winner of 1st West Sect/Zone MNFC 140 members sent 1,243 birds, 1st Open National Carentan 829 members sent 8,406 birds 307 miles / 494 km, 1st Fed Frome 600 birds, 1st Fed Wincanton 480 birds, 2nd Fed Hereford 639 birds, 2nd Amal Wincanton 1,910 birds, 3rd Fed Cepstow 534 birds, 4th Fed Hereford 586 birds, 4th Fed Monmouth 592 birds, 4th Amal Hereford 2,403 birds, 6th Amal Frome 2,765 birds Dam: “Lady Lucas” winner of 1st NFC National Old Hens Guernsey 2015 and then six days later won 2nd BICC National Old Hens Guernsey when she dropped with the winner and was beaten on the trap.She is a direct daughter Amocachi 697” x “Carla” (daughter Jester & Carrie)Sire: “Gaby 701” - Winner of 11 x 1st prizes. She is also direct mother to 2 x 2nd National winners both beaten on the drop by loft mates. Breeding Son of “Champion Shadow”) x “Lucky International”.

He is a direct son of “Major Player” (Rolls Royce x Carrie) x “Golden Amber” (Golden Boy x Amber Louise)1st Open 2,477 birds, 1st Open 1,964 birds, 1st Open 3,453 birds, 2nd Open 4,004 Birds, 2nd Open 1,432 birds, 4th Open 2,477 birds, 7th Open 2,976 Birds, 7th Open 1,762 Birds, 8th Open 3,337 Birds She is a granddaughter to the late "Gaby 103" once own by Koen Minderhoud.

This outstanding racer, breeder is responsible for winners throughout the world. Ablis 8,500 birds, 17th National 7,333 birds, 37th National 5,285 birds, 52nd National 18,390 birds Dam: “Chosen One” (daughter of Legend) This super young hen was selected in 2013 to be paired to her grandfather “Eisenhower” (Myrtle Lofts No1.

Dam: “Belgium Blue” bred by Rudi De Saer direct from his super pair “Blauwke” x “Kim” parents to 1st Prov. Breeder) The 4 children that were bred from them all bred 1st prizes winners in their first year breeding in 2014.

1st RPRA East Midlands Award winner, 2nd RPRA East Midlands Middle Distance Award winner, 2nd Club, 9th Derbyshire Federation, 2nd Coalville & Dist Single Bird Open Race. He is a direct son from “Workforce” (1st Federation winner) grandson from “Pre Olympic” when paired to “Olympic Legacy” (mother to 9 x 1st Federation winners) direct daughter from “Pre Olympic Dam: “Special Edition” direct daughter from “New Tours” winner of 1st National 7,136 birds, 6th National 14,697 birds, 10th National 5,282 birds, 18th National 13,781 birds.

"New Tours" is a direct daughter from Rudi de Saer's Super Breeding Hen "Tgoedje" who without doubt is one of the best Vandenabeele breeding hens in the world.

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