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1) Can we talk about how Khloe and Lamar's fake baby has straight hair?

She is seeing them both and juggling these hotties as she "heals her heart." But Justin was spotted with the Olsen twins while Olivia was with Bradley, so.

But for those who havent played the first one here is the recap of the game Anime Sim Date 2.

This game is all about dating sim for girls and by the way this is a hentai, however, there are no naked peeps or as such in this game which makes it very ironic.

Should we expect a repeat rendezvous when the twins throw their b-day bashes next week?

Finally: "They Look Better With Curves" is trying to seem like a good idea, since it's claiming that Le Ann Rimes, Megan Fox, and Ashley Simpson look great with more meat on their bones, but actually, judging women's bodies?

Moving on: Justin and Bradley are "battling" for Olivia.

Put on some lipstick, push up your boobs: Prince Harry is single again!

may have been suffering from some bizarre twin jealousy, cause as soon as Ashley started getting all the hot goss for unexpectedly linking up with J.

Just for the record, the Olsens will only be turning 25 on Monday.

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