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Doing so will help you know your RSS subscriber count, what feed readers are they using and how often are they clicking the items in your feed.

You can also consider changing your default autodiscovery tags in the Blogger header.

Q: I am moving from Blogger to Word Press or vice-versa.

Do you use Google Feed Burner service for distributing your website content via RSS XML feeds?

A: The best option is Feed Burner Flares that show up at the bottom of a post in your feed. If a feedflare is missing or not showing up in your feed, make sure the source XML is valid and that it’s enabled in the Feed Burner control panel. A: Here’s how to change the text of Feed Burner chicklets and here’s how to find the number of RSS Feed Subscribers for any blog that uses Feed Burner.

Then do a page refresh (Ctrl F5) to see the feedflare in your feed inside the web browser. Q: Can I make the title of my Feed Burner feed different from blog title that comes in the source blog feed?

Q: I want to create different feeds for each Word Press Category / tags or Search Label in Blogger. But there’s a small trick that will make your category feeds looks consistent.

Say your main feed address is feeds.feedburner.com/hello – then for each category, you may create feeds like feeds.feedburner.com/hello/category instead of feeds.feedburner.com/hello_category.

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