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No-one in ACT knew Hughes was gay, and I never recall any Nat mentioning it.

I actually liked Hughes – it was hard not to – he was and I am sure still is extremely witty and articulate, and he was definitely not one of the “nasty bastards” – like little Plughead – who are mercifully few in parliament.

Anyway..I am world, a bloated tick of a human, consuming more of your resources than I have a right to, hating myself for doing it, hating myself because I can’t seem to stop doing it, hating myself because I hate myself so much.

For Hughes though, I don’t recall the words “youth” or “teenager” ever being used – he was always “ a man”, or at worst, “a young man.”The police began investigating the complaint, which by their statements indicated that the allegation was one of either unlawful sexual connection, or sexual violation of some kind.

I know of no evidence that that was how the matter became public knowledge, but I am certainly aware that the Prime Minister’s office knows a great deal more than they are lawfully entitled to – including information of a highly confidential nature that the police provide to the inhabitant for the time being of the ninth floor, regardless of their party.

Hughes then effectively disappeared from the public eye for more than three weeks.

I am reliably informed that in the TVNZ section of the Press Gallery, Guyon Espiner made a dartboard out of a picture of my face, and gleefully celebrated the taking of my scalp.

Six months later, the MP in the bulls-eye was Darren Hughes – but the extent and nature of media coverage of him was somewhat different.

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