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She slipped her lips away from Nick's cock and turned her head to look up at him. He bent forward and kissed her open-mouthed so that his own semen was passed to him by his lover. "Do you realise, you've just become a member of the Seventy-five Metre Club? ""Well you know the Mile High Club - when passengers get to fuck air stewardesses?They held the kiss for as long as possible, then swallowed almost simultaneously. Well I just gave you a blow job seventy-five metres beneath the bottom of the English Channel! Cathy remained snuggled against her lover until the Eurostar train pulled into a bustling Gare du Norde station, shortly before the evening rush hour.You don't look so bad yourself."He slid a flute in front of her. I hope we're going to be having a lot more of this stuff this weekend. He touched her star-shaped opening then slipped the tip of his index finger inside. They located their window seats at the far end of carriage A, and Nick was relieved to find that it was half-empty, with the nearest travellers three rows away from them. Then the conductor should be along to check our tickets, then just before the train enters the tunnel, they close the fire doors between the carriages.Along its botton were two sets of black lacy suspenders decorated with fuchsia bows, with a scooped bustline edged with fuchsia lace. She was awestruck."Tell you what: let's carry on down to the art gallery - beat the crowds - then come back here after lunch.And if it isn't outrageously expensive, I'll buy it for you as you 'holiday present'?It was big - the result of three frustrating days of celibacy - and Cathy's expectant mouth was barely able to contain all the lovely warm cum which flooded in. ""Of course: because I wank thinking of you." He kissed her tenderly and could still discern lingering hints of his own semen - a taste he'd only recently become familiar with.

It was more than three months since the couple had seen each other, though they'd kept in touch on an almost daily basis by mobile phone and internet messages. The guard smirked, nodded at Nick and moved down the carriage stroking his crotch.

"I've always wanted to sleep in a four-poster bed," cooed Cathy, hugging Nick around the waist. " She stood up and dabbed the tip of her penis with a toilet tissue.

She was soon busily unpacking her outfits and hanging them in the wardrobe, dressed only in her stockings and panties. "It's much more 'girlie'.""Can I use the loo when you've finished? Nick, getting out his cock, replied: "Be my guest."Standing behind him, Cathy took hold of Nick's shaft and directed the stream into the bowl. And just look at the lovely message I left you in the railway carriage?

She stood on tip toes and kissed him on the lips in affirmation.

Crowds were already being disgorged from tourist coaches when they arrived at the Gare d'Orsay around am.

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