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Once her memory was recovered, Belle began dating her best friend since childhood, Shawn Brady.

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An escapade with her brother Brady resulted in Belle ending up in a coma (and then waking up with amnesia).Unbeknownst to anyone, on the occasions when Belle would allow Victor to visit with Claire, she was also spending time with Philip, who had been injured in his duties as a Marine and needed reconstructive surgery.When the case finally went to court, Philip won temporary custody of Claire, who was legally his daughter because he had been married to Belle at the time of her birth and had been named as her father on the birth certificate.After learning that Belle's lies had enabled Marlena to kill Alice, Shawn took off.When Shawn did not return, Belle continued to hope and pray that it would all work out, but after Jan Spears told her that Shawn had joined the merchant marines, she was devastated.

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