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A decree of excommunication is the severest judgement of the Catholic church against its Members, and is used only in extreme cases as a last effort to lead the errant faithful back into communion with the Church.

Aside from the grave doctrinal controversies and the separation from the Catholic church, there is nevertheless a significant amount of good that can be said about Marie-Paule Giguere, the Army of Mary, and the Community of the Sons and Daughters of Mary and affiliated branches.

Four years after the Canadian Bishops Doctrinal Note came a Pastoral Letter by the Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet on April 4, 2005, and also a Pastoral letter to the Sons of Mary priests from the Pontifical Commissioner, Archbishop Prendergast on April 4, 2005, followed by a letter to Mother Paul-Marie from the Pontifical Commissioner, Archbishop Prendergast on June 4, 2005 and two years later on March 26, 2007 , Cardinal Ouellet issued a "Declaration on the Army of Mary" to name just a few of the many public and private attempts by the Catholic church to guide the Army of Mary and its associated branches to reject the new revelations concerning Mother Paule-Marie that were being promulgated within the Community, and to accept only the explicit doctrines of the Catholic church.

The culmination of events leading up to the official excommunication from the Catholic church was the attempted ordination of six men to the priesthood at the Spiri-Maria chapel on June 1, 2007.

Aside from the doctrinal controversies with the Catholic church, she will be remembered as a individual who sincerely sought to love God and others out of love for Him, and like many other persons, this writer feels very blessed to have known her.

-Published in "Le Royaume" newspaper, number 231, Jan-Feb 2015, page 22 This writer personally attended Marie-Paule's funeral and the Spiri-Maria chapel was in fact completely full of people dressed in white (men wearing white albs, and women wearing the white dresses, as is normally worn for special ceremonies within the Army of Mary).

There were also numerous monetary collections that were given to charitable organisations during times of need, such as a sizable donation to the Red Cross in 2004 for the Indonesian tsunami relief efforts, to mention just one of many possible examples.

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Because of this, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) issued a Doctrinal Note on August 15, 2001 warning the Catholic faithful of the doctrinal errors that were being promulgated by the Army of Mary and its affiliated branches.In the 1950's she was the host of a radio program on Catholic spirituality (CKRB, Radio Beauce) and often gave spiritual advice to callers.During the Army of Mary's most popular time period (prior to the Canadian Bishops Doctrinal Note in 2001), the group made a number of generous donations amounting in hundreds of thousands of dollars which were given to the Pope/Vatican in support of the Church.By far the most popular of the Associations founded by Marie-Paule Giguere is the Army of Mary, which was founded on August 28, 1971.From the 1970's to the 1990's, the Army of Mary often held very popular days of prayer in Catholic churches throughout Canada, USA and Europe, many of which were often attended by thousands of persons.

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