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Most options can be set at the prospector level, so # you can use different prospectors for various configurations.# Below are the prospector specific configurations.As the result you can spend the amount of time that vastly exceed the amount of time and effort of compiling executables from the source.There are RPMs fro Torque available from Fedora ELEL repository but those RMS are fools gold: the current version for RHEL 6.x is broken due to SNAFU committed by maintainer.First download the latest torque release from the adaptive computing website or via command line :wget file=/torque/torque-4.2.9gz tar -xzvf torque-4.2.9gz cd torque-4.2.9 Next lets consider a default installation, where binaries and libraries will be installed to /usr/local.

Finish the configuration with : All the following needs to be done as root on the box that will act as single-node cluster.There is a strong initial tendency of Cent OS and RHEL users is to rely on RPMs for initial installation of new packages.For small or widely used packages this approach usually works OK.This post is inspired by https://github.com/miguel-rodriguez/alfresco-monitoring and there’s a lot of useful info in there.The aim of this post is to allow you to quickly get up and running and monitoring your logs.

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