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When they arrive at the house, Tequila hasn't told any of the men or women that she's bisexual, let alone that they will be competing with members of the opposite sex for her affections.Even worse, when she tells them her sexuality in a dramatic ending to the first episode, she says, "I'm a bisexual," not "I'm bisexual." That's like Ellen De Generes saying, "I'm a gay." Not exactly confidence inspiring.As the number of contestants is narrowed and Tequila truly begins to get to know the men and women, even traveling to meet their families, she encounters a very bisexual dilemma -- the former Playboy model starts to connect emotionally and fall in love with both the men and the women. I, too, have fallen simultaneously for a man and a woman, and if you're not bi, you'll never understand the unique challenge it poses.I've never had the opportunity before to watch a fellow bisexual woman struggle on national television with the disadvantages and advantages of dating both sexes, and for this reason alone, the show is truly groundbreaking.

And after watching the first few episodes of the show, I wasn't entirely sure Tequila wasn't that girl. The competitions on the show are designed to highlight gender roles and thus help Tequila better decide whom to eliminate. In the first episode she makes the female contestants play dress up and walk a runway in maid, Catholic school girl, and dominatrix-style outfits so she can objectify them like a dude, then eliminate the least sexy ones.She went on to release her first single ‘I Love U’ in 2007 and her debut EP ‘Sex’ later that year.Her second EP ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’ was released in 2010 and received positive reviews.CAREER Tequila started out as a model and was featured in several magazine including Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy, Stuff and Maxim UK.She made her acting debut on the reality series, Surviving Nugent, which aired on VH1 from 2003-2004.

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