Who is lori petty dating

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Zanes was in his own band, the Del Fuegos, when he first met Petty in Los Angeles and invited him to see his band perform, and Petty and his family agreed to be interviewed at length for the biography.Music legend: Tom Petty with Mike Campbell at Mudcrutch Farm, 1970.

Piper’s helpful seatmate was none other than Lori Petty, who became famous in the 1990s for being “ (2008).Mudcrutch: Tom Leadon, Jim Lenahan, Petty, Randall Marsh and Mike Campbell in 1970.The name 'Mudcrutch' was the Gainesville farm where Marsh and Campbell lived.He tells how that marriage fell apart when Jane, who struggled with mental illness, became verbally abusive to him and their two daughters Fiery friendship: 'She came into my life like a rocket, just refusing to go away,' Petty says of pal Stevie Nicks.The two spent time together on tour, in addition to smoking pot and doing cocaine together Tom's music was drawing other artists to him and one of those seduced by the music was singer Stevie Nicks, from Fleetwood Mac, who suggested even before she met him that she would leave her monumentally successful Fleet group and joined what was by then Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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