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“I have no idea how it got to Texas, but I believe it was a dual-wheel, 1-ton truck at one time.”Once back in North Carolina, Brown set up the cab and a 9-inch axlehousing on his surface plate and then, as he says, “began connecting the dots.” He built the tube-frame chassis with a NASCAR-style truck-arm rear suspension.The front suspension is Brown’s own creation; it looks like a traditional spring-over hot rod setup at first glance, but then you notice the cantilevered shocks and pass-throughs in the radius arms for the steering linkage.

We call it the ‘training wheels’ because it really settles the back end and makes the truck very stable.Even after the end of the prohibition, moonshining was still a popular way to make a buck in the South, where many counties remained officially “dry” and the lack of industry left families searching for a way to survive.Junior Johnson, who went on to become a great race-car driver and NASCAR team owner, may be the most famous former moonshiner, but Willie Clay was every bit as successful as a purveyor of illicit alcohol.“I put that on there because I thought we might need it to help keep the truck stable when we take it land-speed racing,” Brown explains.“I actually called a buddy who does a lot of drag racing and he dug an old wing out of his shop for me. It turns out the truck drives pretty well at 190 mph without it.

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